The obscure corridors of YouTube – Gaspard Pelurson

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Introducing our third speaker for Storytelling: Gaspard Pelurson has just finished his PhD in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. He is an avid gamer and has been writing about the different manifestations of queerness in games for the last five years. Exploring the stories we tell about games in the obscure corridors of YouTube, Gaspard will …

Manga, Movies and Games – Nigel Twumasi

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On 12th January, the Game Rats will be joined by Nigel Twumasi – a writer and co-founder of mayamada, a creative manga brand set within a universe of anthropomorphic characters. He has exhibited his UK made manga at conventions and events across the country and internationally including London Comic Con, Thought Bubble, Japan Expo in Paris and Anime Expo in California. …

It’s time to have a conversation about conversations in games – Florenica Minuzzi

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The Game Rats are delighted to formally announce our first speaker for 2019… Florencia Minuzzi is the writer and co-founder of Tea-Powered Games. After years of biochemical research into fluorescent dyes, she decided to follow her other passion, writing for video games. Florencia’s work with Dialogue: A Writer’s Story and Elemental Flow focuses on everyday conversations, personal interactions and more …

January 12th: Storytelling

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It was merely a setback… In October we lost our beloved venue, Haunt, to the scourge of increasing city rents. It was a great little space and we wish everyone involved well. Since then, we’ve been looking for a new home and are pleased to announce our next event will be at The Exhibit in Balham on January 12th 2019! …

Staaaarrrgghting a studio – Pavle Mihajlovic

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sam and Andrew will unfortunately no longer be speaking at the event this Saturday – but not to fear, as we’ll instead be joined by Pavle Mihajlovic. Pavle is the co-founder and Technical Director of Flavourworks. He started his game-developing career as a programmer at Peter Molyneux’s 22cans and then moved on to found Flavourworks, where …

Managing the Sanity Meter: Samuel Partridge

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Introducing our fourth (that’s right!) speaker: Samuel Partridge. His talk “Managing the sanity meter: Making games with your spare time” aims to bring a little less ‘aaaarrrggh!‘ to indie game development. Samuel is the creator of Over the Alps – a game of action, drama, suspense and yodelling set in 1930s Switzerland – and former Failbetter Games developer. He’ll share some hard learned lessons and …

Moral Panic: Alysia Judge

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Introducing our third speaker – Alysia Judge – with a particularly topical take on the theme of ‘aaaarrrggh!‘ Alysia is a freelance games journalist, producer and presenter. Her articles and videos have appeared in IGN, The Guardian, BBC Radio 1, Radio 4, Sky News, and Channel 4. She will be talking about moral panic around games and the public reactions …

Silent Psychology: Andrew Gledhill-Carr

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AAAARRRGGH! – it’s the second speaker for our third event! Andrew is an indie game developer and co-founder of Prymordium – a small team who are working hard on their first video game: Simulacrum. He has a passion for creating, especially music, programming and video game art. He’ll be talking about psychology in horror video games – especially the Silent …

Legacies of Horror: Mike Mason

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Hark! For as the prophecies foretold, it is time to announce the first speaker for our third event – AAAARRRGGH! Mike Mason is the line editor for Call of Cthulhu at Chaosium. He is the co-writer of the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Keeper’s Rulebook. Mike has also worked for Games Workshop as Black Industries Line Manager for the Ennie …


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It’s the theme for our third, horrifying, sanity busting event – Aaaarrrggh! Speakers announced soon 😉