The Rat King Awakens…

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Five friends took a journey beneath London in search of an old, forgotten god. A spirit of play – a deity of games. So they went; into the Tube, along maintenance shafts, beneath the sewers and through sunken parts of the city. After days of searching they found something in the dark with tails like tangled cables and called it the Rat King. This blog is the story of what happened next…

…well alright, no it’s not.

This is a blog about games – wot we fink about ’em – and the design of them. We’ll be talking about our favourites, industry trends, largely irrelevant stuff from ages ago that we’re inexplicably passionate about, and interesting game design we’ve seen out-and-about. If anyone lets us interview them then maybe that too. It’s guaranteed* to be High Quality Contentâ„¢.

For now, you can learn a bit about us or follow us on Twitter if that’s your sort of thing.

We’re also going to be organising some talks in London, and maybe throwing a few parties. We’ll see where the mood takes us (and what the Rat King wills). So stay tuned for news about that.

Well, that’s all for now,

Rats out.

*no guarantee given