The first third: Robin Baumgarten

Rat King Events, Speakers

To round off our first roster for March 3rd, the Game Rats are pleased to announce our third speaker: Robin Baumgarten.

Robin is an Independent Game Designer based in London. Coming from an Artificial Intelligence and commercial game development background, he is now building award-winning interactive installation art and experimental custom controller games. He’s also a keen game jammer, wannabe nomadic and photographer.

The inventor of Line Wobbler – a game played only in the first dimension (see what we did there) – Robin is going to talk about how it’s allowed him to take making hardware games from a hobby to full-time activity, what interesting challenges lie on the way and how to price games when they’re somewhere between video game, installation art and toy.

Do you make games or work in the games industry – interested in attending? Spaces are limited but you can get your free ticket here.