Our first event – Alex’s writeup!

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Media Molecule have been kind enough to write about us in their blog! They love when someone from the studio does something awesome in their spare time, so they’ve posted Alex’s write up of our first event. Which means you can read all about it if you couldn’t make it on the day! Keep a keen whisker out for our next event on Twitter, @GameRatsLondon

Over the past year or so, my friends and I have been meeting once a month to eat some dinner, drink some drinks and talk about games. From the start we had a vague plan to turn our meets into something bigger and more structured and eventually we hashed out what we wanted from a new games industry meet-up, what kind of format it would take, and the work it would require to achieve. We settled on a name as soon as the idea of rats were thrown into the mix (much to my pleasure as the proud mama to two ratties) and the Game Rats Rat King was born. Finally, at the start of this year we decided to get cracking towards our first ever official Game Rats event.

Read the rest of Alex’s post at Media Molecule’s blog…