January 12th: Storytelling

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It was merely a setback…

In October we lost our beloved venue, Haunt, to the scourge of increasing city rents. It was a great little space and we wish everyone involved well. Since then, we’ve been looking for a new home and are pleased to announce our next event will be at The Exhibit in Balham on January 12th 2019!

As usual we’ll present a collection of talks, this time on storytelling in games, and a chance to mingle with other games folk over some drinks… and pizza!

We’ll be joined by Florencia Minuzzi, from Tea-Powered Games, with her talk on conversation systems and her experience of designing and writing games dialogue.

As well as Gaspard Pelurson, PhD in Media & Cultural studies, exploring the stories we tell about games – in particular the ‘Gay Ryona’ (NSFW) subculture on YouTube, and how this queers core notions of fighting games.

And our third speaker will be announced soon. We look forward to seeing you there! 🎮🐀❤️🍺🍕

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