It’s time to have a conversation about conversations in games – Florenica Minuzzi

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The Game Rats are delighted to formally announce our first speaker for 2019…

Florencia Minuzzi is the writer and co-founder of Tea-Powered Games. After years of biochemical research into fluorescent dyes, she decided to follow her other passion, writing for video games. Florencia’s work with Dialogue: A Writer’s Story and Elemental Flow focuses on everyday conversations, personal interactions and more accurate portrayals of scientific research. Her personal projects let her explore other areas of interest, from interactive feline evolutionary trees to personality test dreamscapes.

It’s time to have a conversation about conversations in games

Conversations in real life can be relaxed chats about T.V., confiding in a friend about your troubles or arguing with a sibling – as everyday as eating or sleeping. In games, conversations are being featured more often as stories are held in higher regard, but dialogue is often either transactional (getting information, items or a romantic cutscene) or dramatic (choose the fate of the world!) Why is there such a disconnect between our everyday experience of conversations, and the ones we see in games? Is it the writing, the conversation mechanics or both? She’ll touch on conversation systems in games, some things that she’d like to see take centre stage, and share a bit of her experience designing and writing dialogue in games.

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