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On 12th January, the Game Rats will be joined by Nigel Twumasi – a writer and co-founder of mayamada, a creative manga brand set within a universe of anthropomorphic characters. He has exhibited his UK made manga at conventions and events across the country and internationally including London Comic Con, Thought Bubble, Japan Expo in Paris and Anime Expo in California.

When he’s not inventing his next anthro adventure, he is delivering storytelling workshops, helping build creative confidence and storytelling skills in young people. Nigel can also be found totally calmly and not at all frantically planning mayamada’s next GamePad social gaming event.

Nigel will be discussing how video games can tell good stories, and why they often fall short when adapted for the big screen. He’ll then look at what video game stories can learn from other entertainment mediums so they can continue improving the stories they tell in future.



Want to catch Nigel’s talk? Get a free ticket to Game Rats: Storytelling on the 12th January, at The Exhibit in Balham, from 1pm.
You can also find out more on our Facebook event. See you there!