The obscure corridors of YouTube – Gaspard Pelurson

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Introducing our third speaker for Storytelling: Gaspard Pelurson has just finished his PhD in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. He is an avid gamer and has been writing about the different manifestations of queerness in games for the last five years.

Exploring the stories we tell about games in the obscure corridors of YouTube, Gaspard will introduce us to the subcultural community of Gay Ryona (Gyaku Ryona – NSFW), where watchers and players enjoy watching fighting game characters beating their opponents/ being beaten by their opponents to a pulp. Addressing dynamics of failure, Gaspard will talk about how this subgenre queers core notions of fighting game culture, such as competitiveness and hegemonic masculinity, and will suggest that Gay Ryona enables us to think about games differently.
Want to catch Gaspard’s talk? Get a free ticket to Game Rats: Storytelling on the 12th January, at The Exhibit in Balham, from 1pm.
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