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It’s so great to be a part of Off the Page at the British Library on April 13th, and fantastic that it’s part of London Games Festival too. Who said Rats don’t do their bit for culture eh?

Stella, British Library digital curator, spoke to the LGF about the event, what to expect and why it’s important! Check out the interview here:

What’s more – our lineup is out now!

Opening keynote: Emily Short – A look at three interactive fiction pieces that engage with the poetry, history, and mythology of the ancient world.

Thryn Henderson – Vignette Games

Lisa Gee and Michael Kowalski – HayleyWorld

Mata Haggis-Burridge – Making it real: Personal and social recent history in Fragments of Him

Becky Leigh – An exploration of making autobiographical microgames as a form of journalling.

Adam Dixon – Game Poems

Abigail Parry – Game Poems

Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving (Sidekick Books) – Game Poems

Paul Fricker – A discussion of the pitfalls surrounding the cosmic horror of blasphemous tomes in games, especially the tabletop RPG Call of Cthulhu

Emma Reay – Working in the Education Faculty at the University of Cambridge, Emma aims to open up new spaces for games scholars to embrace, contest, and transform the tricky relationship between ‘the videogame’ and ‘the child’.

Liam de Valmency and Bogdan Vera¬†– Making interactive fiction inside Media Molecule’s “Dreams”

James Wilson and James Older – A behind the scenes look at how the mobile game, Hilda Creatures was adapted from the much-loved Hilda comics and hit Netflix Show.

Sita Brand – Adapting the Classics

Closing Keynote: Andrew Burn – MissionMaker Macbeth Launch

Don’t forget to get your tickets (¬£6, concessions available) from the British Library:

See you there Rats!