Legacies of Horror: Mike Mason

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Hark! For as the prophecies foretold, it is time to announce the first speaker for our third event – AAAARRRGGH! Mike Mason is the line editor for Call of Cthulhu at Chaosium. He is the co-writer of the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Keeper’s Rulebook. Mike has also worked for Games Workshop as Black Industries Line Manager for the Ennie …


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It’s the theme for our third, horrifying, sanity busting event – Aaaarrrggh! Speakers announced soon 😉

Freedom out of Restriction: Bogdan Vera

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It’s time to round off our collection of wonderful speakers for our second event! Introducing Bogdan Vera, who’s talk ‘Freedom out of Restriction’ will ask the question: what makes a game moddable? Bogdan is a programmer at Media Molecule and creative coder with a background in music tech and interaction design. He spent his teenage years making maps for Doom, Quake and …

Powered by the Apocalypse: Penda Tomlinson

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We’re pleased to announce the second speaker for our second event, on the theme of Modding, is one of the Game Rats’ own: Penda Tomlinson! Pen and paper roleplaying games started out as mods of wargames (D&D) and modding runs throughout its history. More recently the indie RPG Apocalypse World has become the basis of a huge number of mods …

Making, Playing, Coding: Becky Leigh

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After the runaway success of our first event (even if we do say so ourselves), with 3 great speakers and a full house of 50 guests, it’s time for Round 2! This time our theme is Modding and we’re delighted to introduce our first speaker today. Becky Leigh is a hobbyist developer who started out modding games in 2006. In …

Our first event – Alex’s writeup!

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Media Molecule have been kind enough to write about us in their blog! They love when someone from the studio does something awesome in their spare time, so they’ve posted Alex’s write up of our first event. Which means you can read all about it if you couldn’t make it on the day! Keep a keen whisker out for our …

The Subjective Shot – Storytelling & The First Person

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Richard Hamer spoke at our first event about storytelling in First Person games and has written down his thoughts on his blog. Here’s an excerpt from the start, and you can follow the link to read to rest. Enjoy! Beginning with the original Half-Life, some of us have been guilty of a reflexive preference when it comes to games narrative, one …

The first third: Robin Baumgarten

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To round off our first roster for March 3rd, the Game Rats are pleased to announce our third speaker: Robin Baumgarten. Robin is an Independent Game Designer based in London. Coming from an Artificial Intelligence and commercial game development background, he is now building award-winning interactive installation art and experimental custom controller games. He’s also a keen game jammer, wannabe …

Firsts, the second: Richard Hamer

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Our first event is this week so it’s time to announce our second speaker: Richard Hamer. Richard is a game designer and lecturer, currently teaching at the University of the Arts London. He used to work for Sony PlayStation, where he spent close to a decade filling the world with karaoke games, and dancing in booths for European journalists. He …

Our first speaker: Sophie Sampson

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We’ll soon be hosting our first event in London on March 3rd! So, the Game Rats are proud to announce our first (ever! *gasp*) speaker: Sophie Sampson. Sophie makes games as one half of Matheson Marcault. She writes about history from a game design perspective and designs games using culture, history and play in physical spaces. She’ll be posing the …