Propose a Talk

We’re after talks that cover any topic related to games, of all kinds, by anyone involved with games in any capacity. We’ll ask you to speak for 15-20 minutes, but if you have an existing talk that’s a bit longer then that’s probably fine – just let us know.

Themes we’re particularly interested in right now (with relation to games) are:

  • Literature (The influence of a certain author or work, literary theory, games as literature, “What if books, but evil?”, or some other angle we haven’t considered.)
  • Spectacle (TV Gameshows, Sports & E-sports, Live Games, Attracting Twitch/YouTube Audiences etc.)
  • Psychology (And its application to design, art, marketing, live audiences, the development of AI etc.)
  • Perspective (This could be about: using perspective for puzzles, how we think about games, 1st vs 3rd person games, camerawork in games etc.)
  • LGBTQIA+ (Representation in games, games made by queer creators, LGBTQIA+ gaming communities etc.)
  • Any aspect of games you’re really passionate about

Game Rats is run on donations, and is not-for-profit. However, we offer all of our speakers a nominal £20 fee, and will cover as much of your travel costs as we can afford to (it’s best to check with us first, just in case).

We can’t promise to accept all proposals, but we will get back to you either way.

What do you do, and what's your connection to making games? (50 Words)
What will you be talking about? You don't need to know all the details yet, but give us an idea of the topic and flavour. (75-150 Words)
We wont contact you for any other reason and wont share your data with anyone else without your permission.
You can ask us at any time to remove you from our records by emailing: