The Game Rats

We’re just some rats playing at games. Views are our own or those of the Rat King.


Seán Joesbury

Seán, who is actually an otter piloting a human, is as a Game Designer at Dutch studio Team6 in the city of Assen and previously worked at MAG in Brighton, and Aeria Games in Berlin.

Ben Nizan

Ben is a Game Designer at Mediatonic in London, previously at Good Catch Games. He’s also a writer, a level 110 warlock and sometimes organises raves club nights and music festivals.

Alex Perry

Games makin’ & roller skatin’ – Alex is a Feedback Manager at Media Molecule in Guildford, and previously worked at Rockstar. She’s also a Skater for the London Rockin’ Rollers.

K Shonibare-Lewis

K is a Game Designer and Artist lecturing at the University of East London. Previously he worked in Demark at NapNok Games. He’s also learning to speak Japanese. Kon’nichiwa!

Penda Tomlinson


Penda has taught game making for ten years, now at Middlesex Uni in London. He also writes for pen & paper RPGs and is currently co-authoring a sci-fi setting for Call of Cthulhu.

Our Ratifesto

We looked for a deity of games to start a cult around. We found something in the dark with tails like tangled cables and called it the Rat King. It has five qualities we think are important for the games industry.



Devour knowledge and feast on ideas. Games are made from the world around us; you are what you eat.


The games industry thrives on its varied skills and talents; we should champion the diversity of people too.


There is much to learn from failure, perhaps more than from success. Always look in the bin for inspiration.


Video games are new but the spirit of play is old. From parlour games to AAA hits – they’re valuable.


The definition of a game changes over time and from person to person. If you say it’s a game, so do we.